The world is slowing converting to sustainability and eco-friendly products. These products are not only harmless for users but also keeps the environment safe. Living a chemical-free, healthy, and greener life is the key to a more sustainable world.  

Buying an eco-friendly mattress might cost you a bit more money, but it’s worth it because of its benefits. In this article, we will enlighten you about the benefits of an eco-friendly mattress. If you feel that you should know more about it, then simply check out this link:

Why should I change my conventional mattress?

This question might have crossed your mind after reading the title. So let me tell you how your conventional mattress affects your health. Most polyurethane foams are made up of petroleum. These foams emit VOCs that we breathe every day in our daily life. 

VOCs are basically a class of volatile organic chemicals that includes harmful chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, and naphthalene.

Exposure to these chemicals can:

  • Cause breathing difficulties, which can lead to severe diseases like asthma
  • irritate your eyes, ears, and nose
  • Induce nausea and vomiting
  • Constant exposure can lead to severe consequences like the nervous system, liver, and kidney damage.
  • Formaldehyde can cause watery eyes and a constant burning sensation.

Not only that, you might know that petroleum is a highly flammable component. To make these beds flame retardant, they are treated with PBDEs.

PBDEs can cause:

  • Thyroid disturbance
  • Neurodevelopmental deficiencies,
  • Harm to the reproductive system
  • Cancer in some severe cases.

Benefits of going eco-friendly in terms of mattresses

After understanding the harms of petroleum products and flame retardant, you know that it’s not the kind of environment you would prefer for yourself or your family.

The best benefit of eco-friendly material is, they are made from 100% natural products without any chemical. These kinds of mattresses not only protects you but is also beneficial for your surroundings.

The organic mattresses are made from natural products like cotton, wool, rubber plant, or coconut husks, which is not only better for your skin but can save you from a lot of different irritations and breathing problems.

Finding the perfect fit

Like all other conventional mattresses, companies that manufacture eco-friendly mattresses also caters to all the needs of their consumer. They provide a perfect fit for all kinds of sleepers.

Inner-spring Mattress

Like their conventional types, these mattresses also provide perfect comfort. However, in the eco-friendly version, they are made up of cotton and wool. And the springs are not coated with harmful chemicals.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are made up of latex which is extracted from the rubber tree. They are free from all kinds of formaldehyde, benzene, and PDBEs which makes them suitable to sleep on for 8 hours every day.


Eco-friendly mattresses might cost you more, but by buying these mattresses you are not only saving your family from harmful chemical emissions but also, you are saving the workers that were a part of the conventional mattress manufacturing process. By buying these mattresses, you are not only getting a higher quality mattress but you are taking a step forward in a sustainable and greener world.